business lending

Business Lending Advisory Services

ATW Miller Group offers alternative loan options, which allows you, the financial institution to retain your client and complements the services you offer. We have relationships with municipal organizations, state lending groups, angel investors, venture capitalists and other financing sources. We’ll work with your client to ensure that they present everything needed in order to properly, with minimized risk finance their business.

Loan Underwriting

ATW Miller Group will look at cash flow, credit, character, capital, collateral, and conditions on behalf of a financial institution. We bring a second set of eyes, and a thorough understanding of what a financial institution reviews when considering financing a business.

Servicing & Closing

Once a loan is underwritten and approved, ATW Miller Group can assist with ensuring that all the loan documentation is correct and is compliant with an individual financial institution’s loan policy. Going forward, ATW Miller Group will assist a lending institution in loan review, and monitoring performance of the business.

Troubled Loan Workouts

ATW Miller Group assists in recognizing and managing troubled loans in order to minimize possible losses to a lending institution. Ideally, a loan is restructured and the financial institution maintains the relationship with the business. ATW Miller Group’s philosophy is that time is of the essence in salvaging a troubled business and it is in all parties’ interest to a plan quickly.

SBA Services

ATW Miller Group has extensive experience in securing and growing a significant portfolio of SBA (Small Business Administration) guaranteed loans. SBA loans may be paperwork intensive making them cost prohibitive. However, with the services of ATW Miller Group, we can streamline the process, making it a very viable option for many businesses. SBA loans are attractive to the lending institution, as they lessen risk.

Commercial Loan Portfolio Reviews

ATW Miller Group offers independent portfolio loan review. We identify any risks, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Upon completion of the review, a report of findings is presented along with recommendations to minimize risk, and strengthen areas of weakness. Recommendations may include identifying the concentration of loans, improving loan processes, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Appraisal & Environmental Reviews

ATW Miller Group will review appraisals to ensure that it meets with regulatory guidelines, that are accurate, and identify any areas of concern. Environmental Reviews serve to ensure that property funded with a loan is clear of any environmental issues, such as a soil contamination.

Commercial Loan Policy & Procedure Review

Each lending institution has policies for their loan processes and reviews. ATW Miller Group, serves as an independent third party review of these processes and can provide recommendations to improve the position of a financial institution and minimize risk.

Loan Liquidations

ATW Miller Group recognizes occasionally a situation is beyond salvaging, and a business must be liquidated in order to pay a debt owed to a lending institution. Our services include facilitating the liquidation process in order to minimize the loss to the bank and the cost of the liquidation. The assets included in the liquidation process may be real property, inventory, furniture, fixtures and equipment. Simultaneously, ATW Miller Group will work with the financial institution to collect outstanding accounts receivable.